Familia Latina Unida has a wide array of ministries at all three of our locations. Please see the additional location pages for times and details about each program.

Church Services 


All three locations offer regular weekly worship services. Their time and locations can be found under the "locations" tab at the top of this page. For more information about special occasions such as marriage, baptism, confirmation, etc. please call 773-847-7282.

Legal Program 

We offer a full legal program to all in the community looking for relief from deportation. This program works alongside Shiller Preyar Law Offices and has legalized and stopped the deportations of hundreds of people. This is the foundation of our legal ministry and our work to keep families together.

Youth Health Service Corps 


The YHSC operates in several area high schools and grammar schools in the city of Chicago. The youth run what is known as the 5+1=20 campaign that aims to close the 20 year life expectancy gap. That is, uninsured communities of color on average die 20 years before affluent and insured communities. This is the foundation of our health ministry that asserts all of God's people deserve equal access to health care.   

La Fuerza Juventud 
Our youth group is named "La Fuerza Juventud" or "The Youth Force" because we believe that the youth are not the problem, the youth are the solution! Many members of La Fuerza are also in the Youth Health Service Corps and volunteer with the legal program. La FuerZa Juventud places a special focus on the Dreamers - undocumented youth who arrived to the US befoe they turned 16. These youth fight for the legalization of their parents while also working and getting their education. They are the best of both countries and have participated in the completion of nearly 3,000 DACA applications with a 100% success record. To find our more about this program visit: 


The LGBTQ community has, many times, found conflict with their identity as LGBTQ and their spiritual/religious identity. This organization's purpose is to help LGBTQ youth find a place where they feel free to express themselves religiously and spirituality while feeling safe and supported.

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Healthy Hood


Lincoln UMC is home to Healthy Hood, a collective of fitness instructors who offer classes for all ages throughout the week. They aim to offer professional fitness instruction for our immediate communities for low cost. For days and times of classes, please see the Lincoln UMC location page above.

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